George D. Behrakis Grand Hall

CogSIMA 2023 will take place in the George D. Behrakis Grand Hall at the Drexel University Main Campus.

Address: Drexel University, 3210 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Building: James Creese Student Center – First Floor

Hall Details

You can find the Behrakis Grand Hall by entering the Creese Student Center via the Chestnut Street Entrance. The Creese Student Center houses the Student Centers’ Information Desk, as well as administrative and academic offices, lounges, meeting rooms, retail dining locations, a fully-equipped theater, and more for attendees to utilize. The center is also home to administrative and academic offices, as well as student organizations.

The Grand Hall will be up a short landing from the main entrance, to your left. Follow the signs for CogSIMA to help you find the correct hall entrance. The space will be divided up into segments, with one area set aside for presentations and posters, and another area set up for coffee breaks, food, and for attendees that need a quiet spot to check their email without going too far from the presentations.


Restrooms are located just outside of the Grand Hall in the Creese Student Center

Quite Spaces

For short conversations or brief email checks, we recommend using the segmented area of the Grand Hall designated for coffee.

For longer conversations or phone calls, you can use the area immediately outside of the Grand Hall in the Creese Student Center, which contains chairs and tables for general use. Further down the hall in the Student Center is a small area set up for eating that can also work.

Food and Coffee

The following coffee and food options can be reached either from directly within the Student Center or on the same block:

  • Saxbys Coffee
  • Shake Shack
  • The Board and Brew
  • Boba King
  • CM Chicken
  • CO-OP Coffee
  • Dos Hermanos Tacos

In addition, Drexel University is famous locally for it’s wide variety of food trucks, located all across campus, offering a range of vegan, halal, kosher, and other options as well as Philadelphia’s Famous Cheesesteaks. In particular, behind Curtis Hall (on Ludlow Street) you can find a row of semi-permanent food trucks where students will often gather for a quick lunch.