Workshop #1 – Fourth CogSIMA Workshop on Interoperability for Situation Management and Decision Making

Title: Workflows for Decision Making


This workshop will bring together practitioners from industry, government, and academia to determine the major issues and challenges for interoperability of machine-based situation management and decision-making.

The theme this year is Workflows for Decision Making.  When a workflow involves a complex heterogeneous system of interacting humans, machines, computer agents and/or networks, it is essential for the parts of the workflow to properly communicate with one another so that the system achieves situation awareness and makes high quality, explainable decisions.  Some of the topics that will be considered include:

1. What resources (such as frameworks, standards, terminologies, and/or ontologies) already exist for decision making workflow coordination in various domains?

2. How can a community develop, validate, and maintain such resources?

Individuals who would like to make a short presentation at the workshop should send a brief title and abstract to:

Ken Baclawski <>